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Excuses and answers About MLM (Vestige)..Must Read

* Excuses and answers *

1. * This company is nothing *
Answer: The company whose goods you are using is also the same as the company, and the rest of the matter is not new to the company, the company has been operating for 14 years, not only in India but also abroad.
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2. * Chain System *
Answer: Chain system was first like sir first company then CF agent, then distributor, then vendor and then shopkeeper, then you are here with Sir company!
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3. * I do not have an inquiry *
Answer: What is not important in earning money or getting a vehicle or missing a country or making a good house for the freedom of time, what is not important in the good education for children to do jobs or even our work It is not our need to get it!
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4. * Company runs away *
Answer: Sir Vestige is not a company; Vestige will run away. Another thing is that the company will also get lost, because we have not invested any money, we have not paid the same amount of money at home. The company runs away.

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5. * My friend did or my neighbor did nothing! *
Answer: Daest had done it, the neighbor had failed; it is not that you will also fail, if the child of the neighbor fails in school, we will not teach our children this!
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6. * Lots of stuff *
Answer: For 10/20 years, the shopkeeper has also been trying to get you here.

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7. * Is wasteful work *
Answer: Sir, if you have to pay rupees a month and * BMW / AUDI * due to unnecessary work, you should come!
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8. * Such money does not come *
Answer: Of course Sir, I used to think the same because we think that money can be earned by putting money in rupees, but you can earn money in lakhs of money without putting money here, that's why I decided to work in it. !
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9. * Will not die from me *
Answer: Sir, I used to think so, but I have learned this, you can also learn and the company has its own educational system and I will help you.
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10. * Not timed *
Answer: Absolutely sir, the special thing about this business is that there are no restrictions of time for this, whenever you have time, you can work any day any time.
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11. * Is expensive stuff *
Answer: Of course Sir, I was initially too expensive, but the cost of Vestige is not expensive if you see 50% cheaper than the market from the system. Here the Westies are giving you the opportunity to earn your money!
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12. * I feel shy or hesitated to tell anyone *
Answer: Sir hesitation and shame as you have seen, even today big men are selling something by doing business like Amitabh Bachchan is selling Navratna oil, Sachin Tendulkar is selling batteries, Ajay Devgan is selling pan masala, Shah Rukhan is selling paints. These people are not ashamed, then we need more money!
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