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Type of women nature which makes unique..must read this fact.

There was a zamindar in a village. Jaggu was also among his many servants. In the township adjacent to the village, Jaggu also lived with his five boys along with the rest of the laborers. Jaggu's wife passed away long ago. He was raising children in a hut. The children grew up and got employed in the landlord's house. All the laborers would get the work in the evening. Jaggu and his boys used to take gram and jaggery. 
Chana used to roast and eat it with jaggery. Basti advised Jaggu to marry the elder boy. He gets married and a few days later Gowana also arrives. That day there was a big bomb in front of Jaggu's hut. Many people gathered to see the new daughter-in-law. Then the crowd slowly sorted. The men went to work. Women in their own homes. On the go, an old lady said to her daughter-in-law - she is home nearby. If you need anything, do not hesitate, come and get it. After the daughter-in-law lifted her veil and looked at her in-laws, her heart was in her heart.
three woman looking back and facing body of water
 A shabby hut, some portals hanging on the pegs and six stoves made outside the hut (Jaggu and all his children roasted different gram). The daughter-in-law felt that she got up and galloped away to her village. But suddenly he was shocked by thinking - which Nur are buried there. Mother is not there. In the rule of Brother Bhojai, life like a maid will have to be spent. 

Thinking that she started crying. Weeping and weeping became silent. Thought something in mind. Going to the neighborhood house asked - Amma will get a broom? Old lady Amma gave broom, dung and mud. Sent her granddaughter together. Jaggu and his boys were agitated when they returned to see only one stove. Shouted that he had made Satyanas as soon as he came. Leaving his man, he broke the stove of everything else. Bahu heard the sound of quarrel and came out of the hut. Boli - You all sit down with your hands, I take out the food. All were surprised! Wash hands and sit. The daughter-in-law served food on a plate - roti, greens, chutney. They had found such food after a while.After eating their own Kathari, they went to sleep. While going to work in the morning, the daughter-in-law gave them each roti and jaggery. While walking, he asked Jaggu - Babuji, does the owner give you only gram and jaggery? Jaggu told that all grains are available, but they only take gram and jaggery. It is easy to eat. The daughter-in-law explained that everyone should take different types of grains. The brother-in-law told that his job is to cut wood. The daughter-in-law asked her to bring some wood for the fuel of the house as well. She would keep a handful of food grains apart from the grains of the lot. She would bring other necessities from the Banana Shop. Jaggu's family walked indiscriminately.

One day all the brothers and father built a fence in front of the hut from the mud of the pond. The daughter-in-law's qualities began to be discussed in the village. This matter reached the landowner. He used to come to the colony sometimes. Today he came to Jaggu's house to bless his daughter-in-law. When the daughter-in-law bowed her feet, the zamindar gave her a necklace. The daughter-in-law felt defeated and said what kind of job will it be for us. It would have been better if the owner had given us four sticks of land, to the right of the hut, it would have become a cell. The landlord laughed at the daughter-in-law's cleverness. Said - Okay, Jaggu will get the land. This defeat happened to you. This story was told to me by my grandmother. Then we used to learn - whether a woman makes a house a paradise, a hell! I think that the nation, society, and man is made by woman ....

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