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Why success in MLM (Vestige) must read some reason...

What is The Rule of Success :- 

Why is it that some people become successful in VESTIGE quickly and some people are not able to achieve great success even after working very hard, at a glance some basic mistakes .

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1. We should not be 100% users but our team uses all products, is it possible?
2. We will put our 100pv onwards, but our team can do its 100pv today, is it possible?
3. I should not go to the meeting / training but my team should attend all the meetings / training, is it possible?
4. I should not come in dress code in meetings but come in dress code in my team meetings, is it possible?
5. I do not respect my upline but my team respects my position, is it possible?
6. I do not show my new plans but my team shows new plans daily, is it possible?
7. I do not read books but read my team daily, is it possible?
8. I keep sharing negatively in my team and my team does not say anything negative from my downline, is it possible?
9. What do I need to learn? I know everything but tell the team that you always have to learn, is it possible?
10. I should not write my dreams about what happens by writing and ask the team to write dreams because dreams are fulfilled by writing, is it possible?
11. Who should not make a list of who has to offer consistency and 100pv, but should work by making a team list, is it possible? Don't we do the same ?, a very easy way to get quick and big success in the network market is to start doing whatever you want the team to do first, success will be followed by you.

Some basic mantras to succeed in the Vestige(MLM):- 
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1. You have to be 100% user of the products.
2. Place all your orders between 1 and 15. With this you will get the benefit of monthly offer.
3. Make a list in which all your friends and relatives know whom you want to bring in this business. 4. Honestly show this business plan to two new people everyday.
5. Invite people to meetings and seminars. And join all the meetings and seminars themselves. Because this business is for learning and teaching.
6. Increase the number of leaders not customers in your team. If you want quick success.
7. Tick ​​this business for 3 to 5 years. If you want success in this business.
8. Make your dream book and board and write what you want from this business. Then work by setting a target. Do not set dreams to set in the winds. Note: - Life is yours, you have to live, dreams have to be fulfilled by you. Do not waste this life thinking about what people will say and what society will say. Because neither people will teach your children or give them food. This is a bitter truth as soon as you believe it is good. Because history has told that no one's dreams have been fulfilled by mere thinking, working hard. There are responsibilities too.

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