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The Legend..Ashoka Chakra spoks truth history..

A chakra (wheel) is often made on many inscriptions of Emperor Ashoka, it is called Ashoka Chakra. This cycle is a symbol of "Dharmachakra". For example, the Ashok Chakra exists on the Lion-Chaturmukh (Lion Kapital) and Ashoka Pillar in Sarnath. Ashok Chakra has been given place in the national flag of India.

Ashoka Chakra is also called the wheel of duty. These 24 matchsticks represent the 24 qualities of man. In other words, they can also be called 24 Dharm Margs designed for humans. All the religious paths mentioned in the Ashoka Chakra will lead any country to the path of progress. Perhaps this is the reason that when the makers of our national flag finalized it, they removed the spinning wheel and placed this Ashoka Chakra in the middle of the flag.

Let us now know the meaning (according to the cycle) of all matchsticks given in the Ashoka Chakra. 1. First match: - Sanyam (inspires to live a moderate life) 2. Second match: Arogya (motivates one to live a healthy life) 3. Third match: Shanti (advice for maintaining peace and order in the country) 4. Fourth match: renunciation (development of renunciation for the country and society) 5. Fifth match: Sheel (education of modesty in personal nature) 6. Sixth match: - Seva (education to serve the country and society) 7. Seventh match: Forgiveness (feeling of forgiveness towards humans and animals) 8. Eighth match: Love (feeling of love towards the country and society) 9. Ninth match: Maitri (sense of friendship in society) 10. Tenth stick: - Fraternity (to promote country love and fraternity) 11. Eleventh match: Organization (to keep the unity and integrity of the nation strong) 12. Twelfth match: Welfare (to participate in welfare activities for the country and society) 13. Thirteenth match: Prosperity (contribute to the prosperity of the country and society) 14. Fourteenth: - Industry (to assist in the industrial progress of the country) 15. Fifteenth match: - Security (Always be ready for the security of the country) 16. Sixteenth match: Rule (Rule in private life, behaving with restraint) 17. Seventeenth match: - Samata (Establishment of an equity oriented society) 18. Eighteenth match: - Meaning (to make good use of money) 19. Nineteenth: Policy (keeping allegiance to the policy of the country) 20. Twenty-twelfth: - Justice (Talk of justice for all) 21. Twenty-first match: - Cooperation (working together among themselves) 22. Twenty-second Tili: - Duty (to perform one's duties honestly) 23. Twenty-third Tili: - Rights (not to abuse the rights) 24. Twenty-fourth match: - Intelligence (to develop one's own intellectual development for the prosperity of the country).

So in this way you have read that every match given in the Ashoka Chakra has its own meaning. All the matches together talk about the all round development of the country and society. Along with giving a clear message to all the countrymen about their rights and duties, these sticks also tell us that by forgetting the differences of our color, form, caste and religion, the whole country is united in the thread of unity and the country reaches the pinnacle of prosperity. Continuous efforts should be made to carry it ..

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