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Etiquette .. Real education..Don't forget even if you make such a mistake ..

A big car came and stopped in the market, talking to the mobile in the car itself, the woman told her girl, go and ask the old lady how to cancel the vegetable, the child should get out of the car, the old lady can give the vegetable cane? 40 rupees forts , Baby, as soon as we take the vegetable, the girl notes a hundred rupees that vegetable
He threw the wali, and came and sat on the car, the car started leaving, then suddenly someone knocked on the lead of the car, a little girl who gives 60 rupees in the hand to the woman sitting in the car, speaks to the aunt There are 60 rupees to avoid vegetable, your daughter has forgotten, the lady sitting in the car said, "Keep it, the girl said to the great sweetness and decency, No aunty, we have got all the money we used to have, we don't keep it Can Switch to, I will thank you come to our store, hope was that I, the vegetables you like the best, so you self bare our always come to the same store, the girl added hand and returned his shop ......
The lady sitting in the car was very impressed with that girl and got down from the car and started going to the vegetable shop, as soon as she passed there, you ask your daughter with the vegetable, you did not talk to Tamizh, no chance of complaint. Did you not? ”The girl said, yes mother, I remember everything you taught me, never insult someone older, talk to them civilly, respect them, because the elder ones are older, all my children. I remember, and I will always remember these things, the girl said again, OK mother, now I go to school, I will come to the shop as soon as I am discharged from school in the evening…. The lady in the car is watering with shame There was water, because she was teaching her daughter with a vegetable how to talk to mankind and manners, and she was sowing seeds to her daughter in the mind of small, big, high .....

"Look, friend, the best is called the one who lives on the sky, and is also associated with the land." Just learn to respect humanity, brotherhood, civilization, conduct, sweetness in speech, respect for all your children. Ko, because now we are just studying here which will be very difficult in the coming time, in reading it, remembering it, accepting it, and making life useful !!

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