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Today again, Gautam had the same dream. Suddenly the eyes opened and the heartbeat increased. The fan was running at full speed, yet he felt restless. He came and stood at the window. He felt some relief from the outside air. Don't know why he dreams the same dream again and again. And then the same restlessness ... Now he has become habitual. Often he dreams of this.

Sometimes after two months, sometimes at intervals of three to four or six months. Now Gautam is studying in a village school. Next year, when the school is over, the city will go to study in college. By the way, he has gone to see the city college by bus. He is very fond of reading. From the very beginning, it counts among the hardworking students of the class. There is Amma at home, Bapu, her younger sister and old grandmother. Bapu does farming. But his attempt is that Gautam become something by reading and writing.

 Yes, that dream was happening. In the dream he sees that there is a very big mansion. Large rooms, balcony and large courtyard. After crossing a large garden outside, he reaches inside the mansion. The steps from the courtyard lead to the roof. When he goes up the stairs, a woman is drying her hair in the sun. His back is towards Gautam. His dark long hair shines in the sun. He is unable to see his face even after wishing. As soon as she is about to turn towards him, her eye opens. But still do not know why he feels that whoever he is, he is very affectionate and Mamatamayi. There is no reason to even think that Gautam has it because he did not even see his face. But seeing them, such feelings come in his mind that he should go and cling to them.

Just like expressions come in his mind for his own mother. When he was young, he does not understand what is happening. But when he grew up and understood it, he came to know that this dream often comes to him. Well he had not yet mentioned it in his house. He was afraid that he did not know how the housemates would take it. If he does not become a joke or he is considered crazy, but now he had decided that he would tell all this to his childhood friend.

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