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Human teleportation will be done in future .. Hundreds of kilometers journey will be done in a moment…

I'm going to talk to you in today's time - that's the future tense.

   Friends, do you know how our future will be in the coming times? Will the new technology be used in the time of the hour? To say this is that in the present day the scientists of the whole world are engaged in making new technicians

So let's talk about this interesting topic today.

    Friends, I want to tell you that a long time ago a scientist said that it is impossible to reach the sheets. It is impossible that we can go on the sheet. But with the change of time, the thinking of the people changed, today the human was not only able to reach the sheets but in addition, today we use the phone. This phone has many advantages that you are familiar with, but before the phone was made, people used to use letters, at that time no one knew that there would be some device that could talk to the person sitting far away.

Fax, e-mail, 3D printer, driverless car are some other examples that can make a person think that he never thought that this would ever happen. But today we are able to guess what things will be developed in the coming time. Friends today, I am going to talk about the same technologies that you will see in the coming time ---

    Stopping aging - It is difficult to believe, but there may be a time when news comes from any country that this country has invented a special formula to stop growing age. It is possible that this formula will be born by 2040. .

2. - Human teleportation - Human teleportation - You may not understand this, but it is true that humans can be sent from one place to another. This is considered by the great scientist Tesla, he was also doing research on this fact but his Nobody took interest in this project nor did they invest in the project.


But even today, scientists of many countries are working on this work. It will be able to function like a mobile or better. This time will tell how it will work. This impossible task may be seen by 2060.

3.    Solar Energy - In today's life, solar energy is being used in more quantity, but in the coming time you can see all the solar powered vehicles. In addition, the use of electricity can only be negligible. Battery can also be used in it or it can be upgraded to use a higher level of battery.


Friends, in addition to this, in the future you will also get to know about the search. If you also feel that there will be other ways in the future, then tell us.

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