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Unforgatable Nice poems..

_I don't want me to be famous, _you recognize me_ _ that's enough .__ good, good and bad, bad know me, _ _ why what was needed_ _ she recognized me as much ._

_The result of life is also very strange, _ _ the days are not cut and _ _ the years are passing by .__ is a strange little world, this life, _

        _Get so many _ _ you are left behind and if you go out____ leave me behind .__ I sit down_____ on the soil often, because I like my _ _speak .__ I have learned the way to live in the world, _ _reading through the veil and _ _ staying in my pleasure .__ It is not that I have no abuses, but I tell the truth, _ I have no trouble .__ I get burnt by my style. .. Neither love has changed nor friends have changed .__ What did you buy by buying a watch, _ tied me in the hand _ _ got stuck behind me _ , _ _Family Sunday_ _Now comes .__ In the run of life___ Why does the color lose over time? _ _ Laughing life also becomes _ _ common. H becomes Muskuraye_ _hi evening without several times Hak_

_How many have gone away__ playing the relationship, _ _ lost ourselves. _ We have been able to find ourselves .__ people are__

       _ I am still care_ _ I care about everything .__ I know__ I have no value, I still _ _ keep some precious people _ _ relationship.

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