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Types of presidency.... A funny moment must read

1. Loose Presidency - * This type of presidency remains loose from the time of training, even before the election, it can be reached only after reaching the whole party. Their mock pole also starts at 06:45. They can not leave the booth before 7 o'clock in the evening and their EVMs are also collected later. They usually cover a large sheet at the EVM deposit center and are attached in the envelopes till late night.

2. Highly intelligent believers - * Such presidents are full of superstition. 'Do not worry, everything will be done' is their motto. They keep giving messages of all to no worries and happiness. Such presidents are scared on the election day and they are frustrated when collecting the goods. Then these voting officers are seen by adding the first hand and requesting the envelopes be completed.

3. Threatened Presidency - * When a presiding person gets a dirty or arrogant polling party, then presidency starts feeling oppressed. In such a party, the retainer (peon) does not want to take EVM. So the voting officer does not recognize the first people. Due to which 20 tender votes fall short The speed of working of the voting officer II is also slow, which is why voting is going on till 6 o'clock. Such presidents become prey to ravens.

4.  Netizen Presidency - * Such Presidency Social Media Experts Before the elections, from the letter of training to the EVMs, after getting the EVM, the live updates till the vehicle is not received, are given on social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp. These people want to be tense, but with EVMs, they are seen smiling while taking selfies. They do not even take notebooks in training. Records the audio / video of everything

5. Parasite Presidency - Parasite preservatives take very light bags and reach the election site. They do not even have a time meal in their bags. They do not even bring their bed sheet and ask for something from their subordinate personnel.

6.  Veteran Presidency - * Such elected presidents have many elections. These people go to know only when they are in training that what is new now? They are skilled in their work. The bag contains all the turtle incense from the incense sticks to the power bank. That is why such presidents are also called 'Self-dependent Presidents'.

7. Laxt Pehsasin - * This type of presidency shows only female personnel in the polling party, their behavior towards other personnel remains intact. They recite the stories of this past duty by extending the stories of women workers. Even if you have never done duty. When there is no woman in her polling party and there is a woman in a booth's party, she does not have a bitten blood. They forcefully start talking to other party women.

8. Patanjali Presse - * Such presidents are of very rare category. They are adjusted with any type of polling party. Even if all of their party members are denied, they neither get nervous nor worried. But they are engaged in their work. They get accumulated in the same time. All types of voting personnel continue to pray for getting such presidents.

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