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Power of believe.. Make your future as you want.. Know this fact ।।

Our goal is one, some 40 years ago, some researchers at Harvard University did a little research on students.

He called all the students in one place and asked them about their life goals. Among those students there were one to one meritorious students, some were quite brilliant. 3% 

After about 20 years, the researchers again called the students of the same group together and asked them about their lives. When the research results came out, it was found that the 3 present people who had set their goals 20 years ago were today He was very ahead in life while 97 present survivors were still struggling somewhere.

Friends, this research was not just a research but it was a fact of life, people who run without goals are struggling all their life but nothing is achieved. Parents should teach children to take small decisions in childhood. Motivate children to think for themselves about their career and students should ask themselves what they want to become in the future. And are they preparing for what they want to become today?

If not, you too have to struggle a lot in future. Nowadays, the goal of the students is to just pass good numbers in studies and they do not know what will happen after that. Friends, the major reason for unemployment in this world is that people are just becoming part of the crowd, no one has a goal or not, so make your goal today and ensure your future .. It is in your hands.

If you really want to be successful, then set a goal today and unite and work hard to achieve it, you will find that you are constantly approaching your goal.

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