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A saint was going to the forest...Then What will Happen..

A saint was going to the forest with his disciple. Passing down the slope, suddenly the disciple's foot slipped and he started rolling down rapidly. He was about to fall into the abyss when a bamboo plant came in his hand. He held the bamboo plant firmly and survived to fall into the ditch.

* Bamboo twisted like a bow but neither it was uprooted nor broken. He held the bamboo firmly and hung it. After some time his Guru reached. ** He pulled the disciple up with the help of hand. Both proceeded on their way. On the way, the saint said to the disciple- * "The bamboo that saved life said something to you, did you hear?" ** The disciple said- * "No Guruji, maybe Prana was in trouble, so I did not pay attention and I was paid- Even the language of the plants does not know. You tell me its message. "** Guru smiled- *" The bamboo which you had caught while falling in the ditch, was completely twisted. Still it supported you and saved your life. Lee. "** The saint carried the matter forward- *" France has a message for you, he let me show you. " The Guru pulled a bamboo plant standing on the way and then left. Bamboo bounced back to its place. * * "We must adopt the same quality of bamboo flexibility. Strong winds try to uproot the bamboo clump, but it keeps swinging back and forth firmly in the earth. "**" Bamboo has sent this message to you that whenever difficult times come in life, be humble by bending slightly but do not break because once the bad phase comes out, you reach your position again. Can check. "*> The disciple kept listening very carefully. Guru further said- * "Bamboo not only withstands every stress but it makes that tension its power and rises at double the speed" ** "Bamboo said that you should remain flexible in your life like this . "* * Guru said to the disciple- * *" I do not even know the language of son trees and plants. Lifeless animals teach us a lot by their behavior. "

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