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You can send messages to 256 people simultaneously without creating a group on WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp is becoming popular among people day by day. Also, this app is now becoming a simpler and cheaper means of communication. But with this, WhatsApp is also becoming a problem for some people. Having more groups irites people. It has become a headache for people to get a response to the WhatsApp group and the messages on it. Many times it happens that people get upset with WhatsApp group and also delete them. But what if you have to send the same message to many people and you do not want any group. For example, you want to send a message of good morning to many of your colleagues. But you do not want any group, so how will you send a message to people. Let's know about this feature of WhatsApp. How to create a broadcast list on WhatsApp Actually, you can send a single message to your friends without creating a group, with the help of broadcast list. With the help of this list, you can send a message to 256 people at the same time. But keep in mind that you should have their number to whom you want to send the message. 

First of all open the WhatsApp app, 
you will see three dots on the right side of the app, 
on which you have to click. 
By clicking here, you will see many options. In this, you have to click on the New Broadcast option. After this, 
you have to select all their contacts to whom you want to send the message. 
When your list is complete, click on the green tick. 
Now you will have a list ready, in which you can send a message to all the people simultaneously.

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